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Laid out like that

Winter Opera is over. Winter is over. The rest of this year is truly what I make of it since no challenge will arise from class or crew. Being shop cop for a month is a customs house job if I've ever seen one. I sleep, read tool magazines, daydream about Kelly, sign an odd item out of the hardware cage every now and then for a show, daydream about Rebecca over in the paint deck, educate myself on (awesome awesome), daydream about my road box and daydream about Thailand. Things are really going to pick up Spring term when I TD Spring Dance! The enthusiasm was forced. Thats far from a complaint, as I'll get another flashy show on my resume without having to do much paperwork, mostly interpersonal stuff. The real distractions are the engineering and construction of BoxZilla and keeping my fingers crossed for a little Thailand financial aid. Steve Lorick probably has a 55k+ job with cirque in Vegas the will get him to leave school early if the call comes. I wish I had that kind of nerve; still, I'm convinced I can do better for myself if I'm patient and develop my skills a little more. Maybe even make a contribution to society. And not like a "help a community theatre company rig a preschool Babes in Toyland set for peanuts cause Dennis guilted me into it by not seeming too excited about filling out a Study Abroad recomendation". I'm thinking real contribution here. Three-sided zipper bags in every fridge!
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