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Sunnier than Orlando

Job fair left me in a strange place. I didn't get a job (not like I wanted one from one of those two-bit scenery hacks anyways) but I did have pretty good conversations with some guys in the industry about the value of a graduate degree. It's a first-rate tightrope act however one slices it: experience counts more when you are right out of the gate, but a few years down the line the degree opens the real doors for you. Most of what we do one can pick up on the road, so to speak, but Automation is more technical and less theatre so it would take a pretty ideal job to get a similar education out of school. And then there is the idea of two more years of the NCSA way. But automation is such a new field that changes from month to month (always up though) its hard to say what the right choice is for anyone. Or hard to say that what I learn about at NCSA won't collecting dust on Ebay by the time I'm ready to use my education. Big mess. Anyway, after a great talk with ol dad, more school looks unlikely next year. Personaly, I still believe I'll end up in a classroom in the next three years, but the arguement is (and I proudly came to it of my own free will (so far as I can tell)) that a year or two agressively looking for a stimulating job can only help me. As long as Jack doesn't retire.
That being said, the short list is: Cirque, Steve Wynds (or whoever) in Vegas, or Fisher Technical (also in Vegas). Until then it's unlikely I'll find a beter job than gutting fish at Animal Kingdom so I'll move back to Florida and stick with that. All of this hinges on the idea that I will get a job and not just burn a year working at Disney in Orlando and not sleeping with high school students. So it goes.
In other news, just took a holiday on an island in the sun with Ben, Andy and lil Nik. Rebecca was there too but didn't interact much with the other boys. The destination was Long Key state park, about halfway down the keys in sunny south Florida. We drove down on Monday with a Canoe gingerly straped to the top of Supertruck. If you'd asked me to call some odds on the canoe making it there and back again, I'd have given the old bastard about 30%. Rebecca and I were pretty sure we'd flushed all of the carpenter ants out of the wooden transom in the back of the thing, but upon launching it from our campsite (on the beach, thanks), discovered another 88 million of them. At least they don't bite. By the by, no-see-ums are worse than mosquitos because they bite just as much and- you guessed it, they are pretty hard to see. Aside from a half-day trip to a very small piece of International Drive that was magicaly transported to Key West, we stayed at camp, mostly playing in the tidal flats and reading in my allstar hammock between our civilized meals. Other highlights include: improvising a hammock stand from a fencepost, supertruck and some construction debris, that crazy 40 year old architect in the next camp that kept trying to strike up a conversation with us, seeing a stingray while canoeing with Rebecca that has probably taken the lives of many brave sailors, seeing as many stars as I ever have, burning our furniture on the last night, seeing the ocean winds nearly capsize Ben and Andy's tent one morning with them still inside, and finaly, sharing a shot of tequilla with the sunset (cause noone else would). On Spring Break. On the beach. In the Keys. Also read some of The Unbearable Lightness of Being and thought about Megan a lot. So it goes.
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