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Spring what?

Spring Term is not even an obstacle between me and the rest of my increasingly interesting life. It's set up as something to occupy my time until I can go to Thailand. And also to give me a valid reason to stay at NCSA until Boxzilla is finished. Things could be better in places, I'd love to date Megan for example (no secrets) but thats not in the cards. I'd like to have a job lined up, but I do have a place to crash in Orlando for a few months and a decent job to build a little capitol until I hit the ricky road. Spring Dance? Flock it. I would put it on par with organizing a two-keg party. Which will actually be the hardest part of my job for the show. Thailand looms. My only anxiety is having enough time to explore and take day trips. I don't need the credit; Webster just has to like me enough not to deport me before the program ends. Maybe this is where I release a little pent-up irresponsibility.

"Why, the King of Siam- thats the lead!"
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