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Together at last

Once again, I feel like we are at the threshhold of convienence. This post comes not from trusty Fort James, my bastion of Open Diary chronicling, spoiler-list reading, email, scantily clad girls, and more Diablo than I am comfortable tallying. As time flows like a river, and history repeats, I have given someone elses tired and weary pentium III laptop another chance at greatness. Rechristened (fuck your spell check) Lappy 650 (after the brisk processor speed). This beater which I had intended to make fun of is oh so close to being the ultimate information appliance. New technology will bring the following much-needed advances:
Prepetual motion for batteries that are good for something.
Widespread carbon fiber chassis. Lappy is portable not exactly non-leathal in a flying through the ether kind of way.
Everything else is kind of icing. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to be able to play unreal tournament with infinite ammo while on the road but that sort of thing is falling into the past like lappy out of an open window. The one rub: AutoCAD. I haven't tried to load it up yet and I'm afraid. 3D is probably out of the question, but I could deal. Doom II runs like a champ.
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