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So I hung out with Rebecca all weekend, sandwiched between the set up and strike of an Oscar party in the Giant Cock of the Winston-Salem skyline, the Wachovia building. Friday night was an eventful meeting of the TD class and, a couple moco guys and one drunk and confused grad scene designer. We had a good long talk about the state of the program since the grads think it is unacceptable and the undergrads resent the new grads getting better production assignments. There are, as always, varried degrees of anger. But, to my surprise, we made a pretty long list of concrete greivances about the TD program at NCSA. To my chagrin, I emerged as MC for the night, but it was good. A couple beers and I was happy to be leading the group. Arthur's brother Willis was in town too. Played a lot of darts. Saturday Rebecca and I hit the flea market I worked on my road box pitch for the dean for a few hours and we went to Spring Dance, which rocked harder than usual becasue of visiting "Hubbard Street2". Saw Jay and Megan but didn't make it over to them, though I wanted to. Sunday found us going to Sams (the one by my house isn't as good) and then off quick to Yoga, where I did my first yoga headstand posture, and then to Gross Indecency in the Arena. That play also rocked hard; it was smartly written and performed at a fast pace and performed well. The director was an alumnus and the cast really got it. I feel sorry for Oscar Wilde. Quick break and we made downtown to babysit the scaffolding for this Oscar party and strike it at 11:30 (hurry up Clint). I like her but I don't think it's going to last much longer. Spring Break will be nice, but I am starting to think she's not for me right now. Probably keep sleeping with her.
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