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Whew. Back from Thailand when I should have been writing but wasn't. Now I've got nutin' to report on but all the time and apathy in the world to report it with. I've actually been home for almost two weeks but Rebecca has been hanging around Winston on an extended stop in her Tampa job search. Idle time hasn't really been scarce, but I feel bad tippy-tapping with her in the room reading or something. Why?
Had an awful moment of cognitive dissonance when I was backing supertruck out of my driveway, in reverse, and at the same time tried to advance the cd player, forward, to the next track (Lengthwise to Maze on Phish's Rift, if you're curious). Talk about a train wreck, right between my ears. For a split second I had no thoughts, the two opposing commands struck each other midway, two bullets colliding in mid-arc a-la Face/Off. I feel like theres a stimulating conversation here. Anyone wanna have it?
In other news, I'm in Winston waiting to hear from Universal about a possible job, though I've no idea what the job is, only that I want it becasue it is in Orlando. Another interesting conversation. Someone recomend a book for me to read.
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Get home. My house is a killer party app. You can meet and greet the industry's mediocore-ist. It's great.

move to st louis! nah, fuck that move to thailand!


August 16 2005, 20:23:30 UTC 12 years ago

Acid Dreams
By: Martin Lee & Bruce Shlain
"Complete social history of LSD and its counterculture, that helped define the sixties."
The books intriguing content made me want to run as far away from “structured government”, experiment with all kinds of drugs and maybe do both at the same time; either way it was extremely interesting! Well, good luck with the book search. I look forward to hearing about your journey. How long will you be staying in Wiston?
Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimon is a very good look at Christian mythology in a modern setting. I'd recommend it.